1971.. VW CAMPERVAN ''HIGHTOP'' TAX EXEMPT.. , California import..accident free / No rust !!.. Original two tone paint ( pastel white / beige - a real cool retro colour combination )..Deluxe beltline trim along with Deluxe window trims and Chrome opening side windows..U.S. bumper over-riders..Front floors and cargo area are super solid..the bus does have a few scratches but what do you expect for a genuine paint bus from 1972..the high roof is white with the two side windows..A good respectable friend whom i deal with nearly every week bought this bus on behalf of me he says from the condition and the old couple he purschased the bus from it is ''Believed'' to be genuine mileage of just 31,000..my guy knows his stuff/VW's so i have no reason to question this ( mileage cannot be verified but i believe how the bus tells its own story )..the camping interior has been removed so its a blank canvas in the rear ready to fit your own interior the way you want it...all in all a excellent rust free bus...ABSOLUTE BARGAIN !!.

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